Family Safaris

In today’s fast world of gadgets and devices; there is no better way to awaken ones children to their full senses than to experience an African safari.  The sights, sounds and smells of the African bush cannot be described in words. It is a vivid and fascinating world that has to be experienced and after that, is never forgotten.  Even teenagers revert to wide eyed children soaking in the excitement of exhilarating new experiences.

Waking early to discover wild animals quietly grazing in front of your lodge. Sitting around a blazing camp fire listening to rangers telling their personal tales of adventure in the bush. Stargazing under the spectacular African night sky. Being up close with wild animals in their natural habitat All of these make holiday memories that last a lifetime.

Programs such as the Young Ranger Program, Wild Child Program and Cubs Program (for children over 4 years of age) ensure that specially trained rangers introduce children to the magic of Africa, abundant with beautiful wildlife and colourful birds.  Children will learn the traditional way of life, from local folk tales to making fire without matches, making a bow and arrow and beaded handicrafts.

Other fun activities organised by the lodge staff include scrapbooking using natural items such as leaves and bark, making notes and drawings, tracking, orienteering, bug identification, learning African dance, bead making, baking, and they may even find themselves enjoying the art of dung spitting.  Older children may have an opportunity to experience driving a Landover, fishing or hunting with a bow and arrow.  A number of lodges are in close proximity to animal rehabilitation centres or orphanages.

Children learn the love of nature, cultivating in them a deep respect for ecology and the environment thus ensuring that our wildlife is preserved for the enjoyment of generations to come.   Africa is brimming with adventure, a child’s delight and a wonderful family bonding opportunity. Don’t wait too long to experience it.

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Family locations that we suggest…

Bushmans Kloof

Wilderness Reserve

Long Lee Manor