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Family Safaris


 In today’s fast world of gadgets and devices; there is no better way to awaken one’s children to their full senses than to experience an African safari.  The sights, sounds, and smells of the African bush cannot be described. Sitting around a campfire under a big night sky and listening to tales by the ranger is something that will stay with your child forever. Being able to identify the various birds and antelope adds to their sense of wonder.  Not only is it an incredible vacation experience but the value of the learning involved is something that is incomparable. In this world where our wilderness areas are under threat, what better than to teach your child about the sustainability of the planet and the conservation of its incredible and endangered wildlife.  

Safari experiences are all about waking early to discover wild animals quietly grazing in front of your lodge. Being spellbound as you watch national geographic live footage of game interactions before your eyes. Sipping a G nT or beverage of your choice during your sun-downer stop, with views over the African plains. Having your vehicle surrounded by a family of elephant so close that you can hear the grumblings of their tummies and see their incredible eyelashes. All of these experiences are what will make you vacation an experience that your children will treasure forever.  

Programs such as the Young Ranger Program, Wild Child Program, and Cubs Program (for children over 4 years of age) ensure that specially trained rangers introduce children to the magic of Africa. Children will learn the traditional way of life, from local folk tales to making fire without matches, making a bow, and arrow and beaded handicrafts.

Other fun activities organized by the lodge staff include scrapbooking using natural items such as leaves and bark, making notes and drawings, tracking, orienteering, bug identification, learning African dance, bead making, baking, and maybe the fine art of dung spitting.  Older children may have an opportunity to experience driving a Land Cruiser, fishing, or hunting with a bow and arrow. 

Children learn the love of nature, cultivating in them a deep respect for ecology and the environment thus ensuring that our wildlife is preserved for the enjoyment of generations to come.  Africa is brimming with adventure. It is a  child’s delight and a wonderful family bonding opportunity. Don’t wait too long to bring your children to experience the magic of Africa. 

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