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Safari Options

There is no experience like an African safari to fully awaken one’s senses.  There is something about the big blue skies and open spaces that makes one feel fully alive. The sights, sounds, and smells of the African bush and open savannas, lingers in one’s memory long after the trip is over. Lying in one’s safari tent listening to the roars of a lion and the barking of hyenas, or sitting around an open fire, under the huge starry night sky, listening to personal tales from your ranger, are never to be forgotten experiences. And the best thing about it all is that by having this unforgettable experience, you are also contributing to the sustainability of our wildlife areas and the conservation of our wild animals for generations to come.

    Cape Classics Africa offers a range of safaris. From high-end luxury lodges where your every need is catered for, to treehouses, desert camps, riverboats, and mobile tents. Whether it be the ancient dunes in Namibia, the pristine waterways of the Okavango Delta, the vast plains of the Serengeti, or one of the many Big Five Reserves in South Africa, we can tailor-make your trip to suit your preferences and style of travel.

    Photographic Safaris

    There is something about the incredible light in Africa that makes it a very special place for photography. Whether you are an amateur or professional, the one thing most of us look forward to when returning home is the memories induced by our great shots. Should you wish to enhance this experience, we can offer lodges and safaris that include professional photographic guides. These guides will ensure that you are given one on one instruction on everything, from how to achieve the best position for your shot, to tips on image editing.

    Some of the lodges have specially-designed photographic vehicles and boats that include battery charging stations, unique swivel chairs, special mountings, and low sides. Some lodges have a wide variety of camera bodies, lenses, and equipment available to rent. This can be arranged in advance so that it is ready and waiting in the guest’s rooms on arrival.

    Some lodges also offer media rooms and studios for post-processing and editing of images and guests can print their images on wide-format canvas or photo paper. They can then be rolled and packaged for the trip home, alternatively a Dropbox link can be emailed to the guest with their edited photos. 

    Some lodges have electric vehicles that are very quiet, ensuring that one can get up close to the wildlife and birds. Another option to take wonderful shots is to stay in a lodge with a hide at a waterhole. In this way, the guests can be among the animals in a safe environment and in a non-invasive way.

    The Migration in Tanzania

    The Annual Wildebeest and Zebra Migration is essentially the movement of thousands of animals across the grassy plains of East Africa in search of food and water as the season’s change. The annual rains begin in the Serengeti in January or February allowing the female wildebeest herd to start giving birth. By March or April, the area has dried out so the herds are forced to move northwards towards Lake Victoria where they begin the mating season. In June  July or August  they head towards the Masai Mara in Kenya and this is where most people come to witness the sight of thousands of animals galloping across the plains and fording raging rivers with crocodiles in wait. This pattern of movement is subject to the rains and therefore river crossings can never be guaranteed.

    South African Safaris

    South Africa is spoiled for choice when it comes to game reserves. The most famous is the Kruger National Park which is one of Africa’s largest reserves. Kruger is known for its abundant wildlife and diverse array of animals. In and around the Kruger Park there are a number of private concessions with superb lodges. The game drives here are usually done in open vehicles with approximately six people in the vehicle and the driver guide, and tracker. 

    Other areas in South Africa that have excellent lodges are Kwazulu Natal, the Eastern Cape, Madikwe and the Welgevonden in Limpopo. There are also game lodges within driving distance of Cape Town.  The advantage of the reserves in the Eastern Cape, Madikwe and the Welgevonden is that they are malaria-free.

    With such a range of lodges and pricing, making the right choice can be daunting and this is where Cape Classics Africa can assist you with your planning. 

     Mobile Safaris

    On a mobile or overlander safari, the camp is set up in a different location every second or third night and the guests are driven from camp to camp. The tents  and equipment can vary from rustic to luxurious and the size of the group differs. Mobile safaris are an excellent choice for families and groups of friends traveling together who are looking to get closer to nature, or as a more affordable option. This style of safari is usually booked on a set departure basis and runs on a set itinerary. Mobile safaris are very popular in Botswana where the terrain changes often and game viewing experience differs between the areas. 

     The Okavango Delta Safari Experience

    The Okavango Delta which is a World Heritage site is a wondrous inland delta of lagoon channels, palm-fringed islands, and fertile floodplains. This occurs seasonally when the water from the mountains of Angola reaches the Delta in Botswana. Several safari lodges and camps have been established in and around this watery wilderness.  Here you can explore the blue-green wetland in a traditional canoe called a Mokoro as well as see wildlife big and small on open game drives. The best way to do this trip is to do a combination safari where you fly in a light aircraft between the camps. In this way, you can experience both a water camp and a land camp.

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    Take the stress out of planning. Free yourself up to look forward to your adventure. We at Cape Classics strive to understand your personal style in creating itineraries that will feed your soul.